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First weekend of college

I’m so sick, and really afraid to go to sleep. it’s like 2:30 a.m. over here and I’ve been throwing up every half hour. I don’t want to get up from sleeping because I might have to again. 

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Aelise is Blue

I’m really sad I can’t liveblog, I just moved in my dorm last weekend and there’s no tv here. and I’m sick. I’m going to miss you tonight my space pirate babes. 

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by Morticia’s Shop

if anyone puts that goddamn meme on this post i’m reporting them. you know the one.


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wrote today

good job good job g*business claps*

thanK YOU*hugs*

I’m exited to read what you wrote. why? Because I believe in you.

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Caterpillar: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.
Alice: A single step off London Bridge could end my journey.
Caterpillar: Failure as your epitaph? I'd hoped you were more courageous.

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Book 3 Ep.13

Was that the last episode for book 3? I mean Korra is crying in the last scene, it shouldn’t end like that.

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is anyone familiar with shadow of the colossus cause damn i love that game

My brother played that game religiously, I watched for hours.

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This is just a real bad ass dubstep remix, super beautiful baby!

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Kaskade Remix)

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Somersault kisses take off in China.

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